Spring and summer Maintenace Program

Spring & Summer Maintenance Program

While maintenance takes place all year, here are some of the specifics for the sites we care for and what happens during the warmer months.

Direct Control (DC) sites:
  • 38 Direct Control Sites throughout the community
  • 62 seasonal flower pots
  • Turf management- mow, trim and weeding
  • Fountains in storm ponds
  • Irrigation at select sites
Panorama Hills Community center:
  • Water park
  • Play Ground
  • Multi-sport Court
  • Park Pathways
  • Turf Management- mow , trim & weeding
  • Annual Flower planting and arranging
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
Water Fountains & Strom Ponds
  • The PHRA is responsible for the 3 fountains only not the storm ponds or surrounding natural areas. The maintenance of the storm ponds are the responsibility of the city of Calgary.
  • The fountains are installed every May and are optional until September. 
  •  All signs posted in the community must abide by the bylaws set forth by the City of Calgary. This includes temporary , election and other advertising. Any signs posted on the PHRA property , including the 38 DC sites , must be approved by the PHRA ahead of time.
  • All  fences running adjacent to a property are the responsibility of the homeowner. The PHRA does not provide  any maintenance on these item. However , information on the materials and paint colors  associated with the fence caveat , listed on the affected homeowners . The chain link fences , along the pathways and greenspaces are also under the care of the homeowner and must be maintained in a similar way.
  • For stone replacement and repair:
  • Fence Paint Color:

There is a document named good neighbor which helps to provide the information about how to be a "Good Neighbor" create