Panorama Hills Residents Association – New Name – New Website

Panorama Hills Residents Association – New Name – New Website

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new name and website – the Panorama Hills Residents Association (PHRA)!

After consulting with community members and overwhelming support at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) it was decided that Northstar Residents Association Ltd. (NSRA) would be rebranded to something more inline with the identity of our members as Panorama Hills residents. The vision and mission of the PHRA remains the long-term sustainability of community assets and provide value to all our members.

The new website,, has a new design and layout. Traffic from the old website is automatically being redirected to the new site.

We invite you to visit the improved website and explore the new features such as:

    • A user-friendly interface and a simple navigation system, which will allow you to easily access the information and services that you need, such as the programs, events, bookings, payments, resources, etc.

    • Multi Language support – you can now have access to our information in your preferred language.

    • New technologies to better serve our growing and diverse community such as online submission forms, FAQs chatbot, etc.


We also invite you to follow us on our social media platforms Threads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we post updates on a regular basis.

We look forward to an exciting new year with the PHCC Expansion Project in progress.

We are grateful for the support we have received and look forward to your continued feedback.   

We thank you for your ongoing support and participation in this exciting journey.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact us directly at our new email


Panorama Hills RA Staff and Board of Directors