Expansion FAQ’s

Expansion FAQs

Questions and answers about Expansion

No. The annual HOA fee is an encumbrance attached to your land title by law. The annual fee is a necessary and legal requirement to ensure the operations and maintenance of our community’s shared amenities and services including our direct control sites, and beautification of the community. We will be continuing operations around the community and will be finding creative and fun ways to bring the centre experience into the community throughout the year. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the Board of Directors at bod@myphra.com


The PHCC facility is expanding to meet the growing needs and demands of our diverse community. We want to provide more programs and services that can enhance the quality of life of our members and visitors. The expansion project will allow us to offer more space, more equipment, more amenities, and more opportunities for our community.


The project cost is $7.4 million. We have a set of schematic drawings created by BRZ Architects which was presented at the 2023 AGM. The expansion project will be paid for using our capital reserve money, grants, and potentially a short term loan.

~$4M in current reserves.​

~$2.9M will need to raised or borrowed pending future grants.​

Awarded $500K grant (CFEP) in April 2023 .​​

Potential qualified grants: $2M / year.​

Resident Association (RA) fees will not increase because of this project.

This project has been voted on by the members at the 2023 AGM.


Owning a home with an encumbrance on the property land title makes you a member of Panorama Hills Resident Association. Despite the renovation of the PHCC park and facility, we are still offering multiple services such as maintenance on Direct Control sites and Enhanced Landscape Maintenance to keep Panorama Hills looking good. Therefore, the collection of fees will not stop.

One of our top priorities is to have our members involved in the overall process. We have and will continue to conduct several engagement events to get feedback from members. We are dedicated to getting as much feedback as possible during our targeted engagement phase and beyond. We have been collecting survey information since 2017 from residents and it is that information that acted as a driver to move forward with this project. If you have more questions or concerns about the expansion project or the closure, please feel free to contact us at info@myphra.com or (403) 226-4386. We are happy to assist you and address your feedback.


You can stay updated on the progress of the expansion project by visiting our website at www.myphra.com/phcc-expansion

We will also post regular updates on our social media channels (Threads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news and updates by email.

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